With over 20 million Out of School Children in Nigeria, the Goke Dele Foundation is dedicated to helping indigent children in Nigeria gain access to quality education.


Good Health is central to human happiness and well-being. They provide access to free medical and health support services for under-served communities in Rural and Urban areas.


We empower women and other disadvantaged groups to gain access to Decent Work and Economic Life for sustainable livelihood.


The Goke Dele Foundation creates innovative initiatives on clean environment which includes: Waste Management, Climate Change, Clean Water & Sanitation etc.

Goke Dele Foundation

The Goke Dele Foundation is a philanthropic, privately funded foundation aimed at providing support to the less privileged and under-resourced in the society. Birthed on strong Christian principles of charity & love for humanity, the organization is focused on initiating impactful projects that provides financial autonomy, education and access to quality health services to children and vulnerable people in the society.

Why we exist
Goke dele Foundation - helping the less privilaged ones and the needy!
Poverty is a disease that prevents the poor and vulnerable from attaining their full potential in life. It makes it difficult for them to have access to basic health care services, quality education or afford the basic things of life. This increases infant mortality, illiteracy, malnutrition and poor health. 
Recognizing the plight of the poor & disadvantaged, with over 18.5 million “Out of school children” in Nigeria (UNICEF: 2021), GDF equips targeted populations with diverse educational & economic initiatives in a bid to improve access to inclusive education, decent work & economic life and healthcare support services for disadvantaged people in underserved communities. On the whole, GDF aspires to help the poor & Vulnerable attain their full potentials in life

Our Mission

To put smiles on the faces of indigent children and other marginalized groups through the provision of life-skills, educational and healthcare support to enable them live decent and fruitful lives.

Our Vision

To create an inclusive society where everyone thrives irrespective of religion, gender or social class.


Generosity, Openness Kindness, Empathy, Dependability, Excellence, Love, Education.

Our impact in Afuze Community, Edo State, Nigeria

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